Outdoor Sofa Set 4 Seaters For Garden

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Product Specifications
4 Seater Metal Frame Fabric Sofa Set With Table
A sofa with small, neat dimensions which is easy to furnish with, even when space is limited.

This sofa is very soft and comfortable to sit on while giving your room a warm and cozy look.

A time-honoured and distinctive look is sure to be created in your abode with this design.

It is just what you need for your living room to enjoy your leisure time. The perfect support system to cradle your body.

Size 1 seat-71x75x76cm,1 seat-71x75x76cm,2 seat-132x75x76cm,1 table-110×66.5x56cm
Colour White/Gray
Item Condition: New
Model: EH1109
Country of Origin: China

4 seater sofa

4 seater sofa1 4 seater sofa 2 4 seater sofa 3 4 seater sofa 4


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